0.75mm² Tri Rated Cable - Grey - BS6231 - 100m0TRI-RATED 0.75MM GREY

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Approx 20 AWG
Nominal Diameter of Cable: 2.9mm
Currant Rating: 14 Amp
0.75mm² Tri Rated Cable - Grey - BS6231 - 100m
  • STANDARD: Tri-rated BS6231, UL, CSA Type CK
    UL, CSA 600V r.m.s. BS6231 (Uo/U) 600/1000V r.m.s.
    PW01 is recognised by UL and CSA as resistant to oil at temperatures up to 60ºC.
    W-1, FT-1, BS 4066 : Part 1, EN 50265 and IEC 60332-1
    Flexible Tri-rated hook up wires Type PW01 have been specifically designed for use in the switch, control, relay and instrumentation panels of power circuits and for purposes such as internal connectors in rectifier equipment, motor starters and controllers.

    By combining three national standards in one product, PW01 is suitable for equipment installations required to meet both European and North America wiring regulations and codes of practice. This facilitates design, simplifies purchasing and cuts inventory costs.
    Flexible plain annealed copper wire conductor to BS 6360 (Class 5). Plasticised PVC insulation specially formulated to combine excellent electrical performance with robust mechanical properties, yet still complying with UL, CSA and BS tests for spread of flame on a single vertical cable.
    Recognised by Ul and CSA as heat-resisting with a maximum conductor operating temperature of 105ºC. NOTE: BS6231 specifies a maximum conductor operating temperature of 90ºC for continuous use. Under certain conditions these cables can be operated at up to 105ºC, ‘annex a’ of BS 6231 gives full details. PW01 has good low temperature flexibility, meeting cold bend tests down to -30ºC.
    1. Underwriters Laboratory Listed. Conforms to subject 758 Appliance Wiring Material for Styles 1015, 1028, 1283 and 1284 as applicable. UL File No E54385.
    2. Canadian Standards Association approved. Complies with Standard C22.2, No.127, Type TEW. CSA File N0. LL43273
    3. British Standards. Manufactured to BS 6231 Type CK.
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