35mm² 0361TQ Flexible Welding Cable035.0 0361TQ

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225 Amps

Dia: 12.20mm
Rubber Insulated Welding Cables
  • Primary use is for the secondary (high current) connection to automatic or hand-held metal arc welding electrodes.
  • May also be used for non-welding applications such as earth/return leads, flexible tails on power supplies, busbar connections, etc.
  • In accordance with BS638 Part 4.
    Flexible Class 6 copper (plain/tinned) conductors to BS6360.
  • Paper or PETP tape separator Insulation: dual layer
  • 0361TQ Dual layer insulation
  • EPR inner layer
  • HOFR outer layer
  • Temp Rating: 85°C max conductor operating temperature.
  • Minimum handling temp: -20°C
  • Voltage:
    100V rating when used for welding purposes.
    For non-welding applications, cables may be used at voltages up to and including 450V rms phase - phase provided that the cables are adequately protected from damage to the insulation eg. in panels etc.


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35mm² 0361TQ Flexible Welding Cable