0.5Kw TSR Electronic Storage Heater Lot 20080820

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Creda TSRE advanced electric storage heaters with a heat output of 500W to 15000W and advanced Eco-design compliant controls part of the European Lot 20 directive. This replaces the Creda TSR sensor plus, Slimline and the combi storage heater range. The ultimate storage heater upgrade with clean looks and performance that can be relied upon, an ultra-efficient heating system with low running costs maximised by using an off peak *Economy 7 electricity tariff.

Dynamic storage capacity - Automatically adjusts to user requirements
Controllable electronic heat output to match user lifestyle
7 Day Programmable timer
Digital, backlit display with bubble buttons and audio feedback
Controls are easy to use, read and adjust (Also out of sight of young children)
Adjustable range from 7 to 32 deg C
Battery backup with replaceable coin type battery (5 Year Life)
Open window detection, heater stays off when it detects an open window to save wasting valuable energy
Adaptive start, set the desired room temperature the heater does the rest with maximum efficiency
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0.5Kw TSR Electronic Storage Heater Lot 20


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EA 3+