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RCBO terminal capacity,

Live: 25 mm
Neutral: 10mm

Tripping Current,
Contactum 40 Amp RCBO
An RCBO is a combination of an MCB and RCD
This enables both overcurrent protection and earth fault current protection by a single unit.

Two module Contactum RCBOs may be installed in a Contactum consumer unit anywhere along the length of the busbar and will occupy two outgoing ways.

They are suitable also for installation in two or four module enclosures.

The current carrying capacity of the cable should always exceed the current rating of the MCB.
  • Contactum two module RCBOs feature a two part, partially interlocked operating switch which when tripped, discriminates between an overcurrent fault and an earth fault. If an earth fault has occurred, or the test button has been pressed, then both parts of the switch will be in the OFF position and a red indicator will display that the RCBO has interrupted the supply
  • This combination allows earth fault protection to be restricted to a single circuit, thus ensuring that only the circuit with the fault is interrupted (When groups of circuits are protected by an RCD, all circuits would be interrupted under fault conditions, which may cause unnecessary inconvenience).
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40 Amp 30mA RCBO - Contactum Extended Range*