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Conduit Bender
c/w 20mm-25mm-32mm Formers
Bending machines are fabricated from 30mm square section tubing, to provide a
rock solid frame which more than stands up to the rigors of daily use.

The frame is designed to give maximum stability, minimising the risks of sideways movement or
skidding across floors, making operation as easy and effective as possible.

The formers - which are key to creating a perfect bend - are machined, cast aluminium.
This means they create a superior and highly accurate bend, as the machined area provides
a perfect profile to support the pipe, gives excellent contact and there is virtually no movement.

Xiphos Benders are superior to most other brands, who tend to use non-machined die casts.
  • High build quality and performance
  • Improved features
  • Full range of spares and accessories
  • Included
    20mm, 25mm & 32mm Aluminium Formers
  • Pipe Vice (inc fitting screws & 3 Jaws)
  • Grooved Roller,
  • Retaining pin,
  • Tube stop,
  • Centre & Roller pin,
  • Stop bar,
  • Safety pin & chain.
  • Also includes handle extension for increased leverage whilst bending.
  • Compatible with
    Hilmor EL25 & other brands of benders


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Conduit Bender c/w 20mm-25mm-32mm Formers





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