Satellite Outlet Euro Module F Type - Screened - Black5050171033951PSW113MB

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Requires a 35mm deep Box
Satellite Outlet Module F Type - Screened - Black
25mm module
Screened single f type satellite outlet module 25 mm
Low loss, minimal ingress and negligible module cross talk,
  • Fully screened to EN 50083-2: >65dB to
    1 GHz and >55dB to 2.2GHz
  • Compact screened housings
  • Easy cable connections and access
  • For 1 mm cable (PF100, H109F, QF100, etc.)
  • Requires 35mm deep pattress
  • Low insertion loss.
  • Excellent matching and isolation.
  • Why Screened
    1 - At present due to all the Digital Transmissions , it is advisable to use Fully screened modules.
    2 - Screening reduces RF interference from other sources.
    3 - Enhances picture and sound quality.
    4 - Stops the retransmission of signals at higher digital frequencies.


Instructions - 490kb - pdf
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CX 113MB

Satellite Outlet Euro Module F Type - Screened - Black