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Digital Satellite & Aerial Cable - Black
Foam-core cable for the hard-core installer
Ideal for installations where the satellite cable must be very durable
With a gas-injected foam-core dielectric, the PF100 is very robust, watertight and ready for digital satellite

Best Materials - PF100 cable uses MYLAR together with bare copper in the braiding
to enhance durability and prevent cracking

Easy to install - PF100 cables are thin, flexible and metre-marked
  • High Quality - PF100 cable uses 80 strands of 0.12mm bare copper, unlike many other comparable cables that only use 48 strands
  • Approved to RNE678/100-06 2001 by the CAI (certificate no. CAI 0069A)
  • Approved to BS EN 50117 - the standard recommended for he domestic installation of satellite equipment by the UK's leading provider of digital satellite services and the CAI
  • Attenuation loss
    1000MHz 20.3dB/100M
    2150MHz 31.6dB/100M
  • Return loss
    470 – 862MHz 22.9dB
    862 – 2150MHz 21.4dB
  • Inner conductor - Bare copper
  • Diameter of inner conductor - 1.00mm
  • Outer conductor tape - Bare copper
  • Diameter over outer conductor - 4.8mm
  • Outer conductor braid - 0.12 bare copper
  • Braid coverage - 57%
  • Dielectric - Foam gas-injected polyethylene
  • Diameter over dielectric - 4.7mm
  • Sheath - PVC, UL approved
  • Diameter over sheath - 6.8mm
  • Conductor weight - 7.28g/m
  • Minimum bending radius - 60mm
  • Max. tensile strength - 750N
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Black Foam Filled Digital Satellite & Aerial Cable