1 way VRK Vandal Resistant Audio Door Entry System0VRK1

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All our panels are supplied with the engraving as requested

If no engraving is requested the panel’s will be supplied blank without any engraving.

1 Engraved number per button included in price.
VRK Vandal Resistant
1 Way Audio Door Entry System
The VRK Vandal Resistant Systems have been devised for areas that are prone to external vandalism.

Each system provides all of the components necessary to install a complete audio door entry system;
including a surface lock release as standard.
Options can include; surface mounting panels, extra engraving and a tradesmen entry facility.
These systems are available from a one way (model VRK1) up to any size.

The model VRP panels are manufactured from 2.5 mm 316 marine grade stainless steel.
All panels are flush mounted and fixed to the back-box by tamper proof bolts (a special key is required to remove the panel).
An IP68 rated stainless steel vandal resistant button is provided for each flat and the option of one for Tradesmen.

Each panel is custom engraved to client's specifications.
The engraving of flat numbers is included in the price of each system.
Further engraving (e.g. Block names) can be included for a modest surcharge

Please allow 2/3 days delivery for engraving
  • DE 801 telephone.
  • Front Door Panel.
  • Speech Unit.
  • Power supply.
  • Flush mounting box.
  • Surface lock release included.


Wiring 35kb pdf VRK Catalogue 170kb pdf
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1 way VRK Vandal Resistant Audio Door Entry System