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Cable Tidy Spiral Cable Wrap - 3mtr
6mm to 20mm
Spiral Cable Wrap provides a universally popular and versatile option for organising and protecting bundles of cables.

The ideal way to protect and securely wrap together cables in offices, homes and factories.

Spiral Cable Wrap is made from a flexible material allowing the wrap
to expand in diameter to accommodate bundles of cables - 6mm to 20mm.

Cables can branch out along the length at any point and in any direction,
ideal for multi-point applications such as IT or retail.
  • Easily cut with scissors
  • No application tools required
  • Versatile, expandable to accommodate any size of cable bundle up to 20mm
  • Halogen free and UV stabilised
  • Resistant to oils, lubricants, acids, alkalis and fuels
  • Organise and protect cables
  • Can be inserted in-situ


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