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110 Volt

Max Flow per hour
7200L (1600 Gal)

Hose size
¾" or 1"

Height 29 cm,
Width 13.5,
Weight - 4.6kg

Submersible Pump 1600 Gals per Hour + Float Switch
110 volt Site Pump
110 volt Site Pump

Lifts water up to 5 metres. ( reduced water flow ).

Oil free motor, ceramic shaft for continuous operation and long life.
Complete with hose adapter, 10 metres waterproof cable, and full instructions.

Use: to empty flooded cellars, flat roofs, pits, trenches, ponds and pools.
  • Float switch cuts off pump if water level falls below selected level.
  • Maximum head height 6M
  • Maximum output 120L/min
  • Output:
    Height 1.5M Approx. Output 80L/min.
    Height 3.0M Approx. Output 55L/min.
    Height 5.0M Approx. Output 25L/min.
    Maximum particle size 4mm.
    Maximum water temperature 35°C.
    Motor 200W (230V/A.C. only).
    Output aperture 25mm.


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Submersible Pump + Float Switch 110v as SWP120 Amp