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Must be UNCOILED when LIT

Note -
Most dimmers have a minimum load to function
normally 3mts in length

Mains Connector DT613/CK Required

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Duralite Rope Light
The rope can be cut to any required length at the cutting points which
are marked on the side of the rope light at 1 metre intervals
and joined with different colours as required.

The rope light is then attached to a power connector lead at one end and a end cap or coupler is fitted at the other end.
The connectors are fixed to the rope with strong special waterproof glue.
  • Rope thickness - 13mm
  • Power - 230 Volt
  • Consumption per lamp - 0.445 W
  • Power requirement approx. - 16 W per metre
  • Minimum bending radius - 60mm
  • IP rating - IP44
  • Number of bulbs approx. - 36 per metre
  • Maximum length per circuit - 45m
  • Working temperature range - -60°C to 20°C
  • Power 230Vac
  • Mains Connector DT613/CK + SK 153556 Glue/Sealant Required


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DT 611W

White Duralite Rope Light