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Dimplex CXD
Ceramic Radiant Heater 2000w
Horizontal Elements
  • Using long-wave infra-red technology these radiant heaters use ceramic elements to radiate heat with no distracting light output.
  • Provides heat to a zone or localised area, saving energy compared with equivalent air heaters.
  • Provides a heating effect similar to the sun making them ideal "people heaters".
  • Optional passive infra-red switch.
  • Robust ceramic elements for efficient radiant heating.
  • Can be mounted inside or outside.
  • Silent operation.
  • No visible light output.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket.
  • Fitted guard included.
  • Choice of vertical or horizontal 2kW models
  • Body
    Powder coated steel. Finished in high temperature matt black. IPX4 rated.
  • Reflector
    Specular quality electrochemically brightened aluminium (purity 99%+).
  • Elements
    The ceramic element is an efficient, robust element, which provides long wave infra-red radiation and operates at temperatures below 700ºC.
  • Electrical Connection
    Where used, a type 3 or ‘C’ MCB with a tripping co-efficient of 7-10 times rated current should be used.
  • Element Guard
    Chromium plated mild steel (fitted as standard).
  • Note: The heaters should be positioned to overlap for effective area coverage, based on the distances in the CXD throw and spread table.


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Ceramic Radiant Heater 2000w - Horizontal Elements