Dimplex CXLS18 - 2.55kW Auto Combi Storage Heat5011139017147Dimplex CXLS18

Width: 793mm
Height: 706mm
Depth: 193mm
Weight: 111kg
Dimplex - 2.55kW Storage Heater + Convector
Dimplex manual storage heaters provide efficient stylish
off peak heating at an affordable price.

Smooth, safely rounded corners
Manually adjusted input plus room temperature boost control for extra heat latter in the day
Controls conveniently situated in the top of the heater.
Forward facing front grille to push heat out and help keep walls clean
Can be used with off-peak electricity.
  • Provides a continuous source of warmth, primarily from cheap off peak electricity.
  • Convector elements give completely silent top-up heating.
  • Convector thermostat can be set to maintain constant room temperatures and automatically switch on as necessary.
  • Conveniently positioned convector controls on the front panel.
  • Lower convector loadings selectable on installation.
  • Secure wall fixing for safety.
  • Feet may be fitted under carpet or on top of suitable floor covering.
  • Simple assembly for flexible positioning and quick installation.
  • CXLS range storage heater controls and components based on XLS range, including Twin Sensor TM* automatic input control and room temperature boost for optimum use of the heat stored. which allows compatibility with all off peak tariffs.
  • This meets the requirements of Building Regulation Part L1, which requires all electrical storage heaters installed in new buildings to be fitted with automatic charge controls.
  • Requires two supplies when used with off peak supply.
  • Storage Heater 2.5kW
  • Convector 1450w


Data Sheets Heater size Guide - 47kb PDF
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Dimplex CXLS18 - 2.55kW Auto Combi Storage Heat Heavy Goods*


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