1.3kW Quartz Infra-red Outdoor Patio Heater5011139028624OPH13

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Height: 159mm.
Width: 594mm.
Depth: 144mm.

Min Mounting Height 1.8m
Rec. Mounting Height 2.0-2.3m.

Heat throw at 2m
mounting height* 1.7m.

Heat spread at 2m
mounting height* 3.0m.
1.3kW Quartz Infra-red Outdoor Patio Heater
Aluminium case with specular quality,
electrochemically brightened aluminium reflector and fitted chromium plate mild steel guard.

Quartz infra-red spiral element in transparent silica sleeve.
  • High quality aluminium case finished in two-tone silver.
  • 1.3kW Quartz Infra-red model.
  • Designed and rated for permanent external installations.
  • Instant heat - avoiding the need for expensive pre-heating.
  • Optional passive infra-red switch.
  • Costs as little as 10p per hour* to run. *dependant on tariff
  • 'In-situ' lamp replacement for minimum downtime.
  • Fitted guard included.
  • Energy efficient heaters that heat people without heating the air around them for a cost effective solution.
  • Low energy user (1.3kW) giving substantially reduced emissions compared to gas heaters.


Data Sheets Benefits of OPH Heaters - 37kb pdf OPH Heater Dimensions - 56kb jpg
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1.3kW Quartz Infra-red Outdoor Patio Heater