2.0kW Quartz Halogen Outdoor Patio Heater5011139028631OPH20

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Height: 159mm.
Width: 594mm.
Depth: 144mm.

Min Mounting Height 1.8m
Rec. Mounting Height 2.0-2.3m

Heat throw at 2m
mounting height* 2.0m

Heat spread at 2m
mounting height* 3.5m.
2.0kW Quartz Halogen Outdoor Patio Heater
Aluminium case with specular quality,
electrochemically brightened aluminium reflector and fitted chromium plate mild steel guard.

Quartz halogen gold coated tungsten element in glass sleeve
  • High quality aluminium case finished in two-tone silver.
  • 2.0kW Quartz halogen model with "gold" lamp for extended performance.
  • Designed and rated for permanent external installations.
  • Instant heat - avoiding the need for expensive pre-heating.
  • Optional passive infra-red switch.
  • Costs as little as 20p per hour* to run. *dependant on tariff
  • 'In-situ' lamp replacement for minimum downtime.
  • Fitted guard included.
  • Energy efficient heaters that heat people without heating the air around them for a cost effective solution.
  • Low energy user (2kW) giving substantially reduced emissions compared to gas heaters.


Data Sheets Benefits of OPH Heaters - 37kb pdf OPH Heater Dimensions - 56kb jpg
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2.0kW Quartz Halogen Outdoor Patio Heater