Mains Optical Smoke Alarm + Lithium Battery - Discontinued

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Mains Optical Smoke Alarm + Lithium Battery5099383001877EI156TLH

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230V AC Mains Power Supply with built in tamper proof Rechargeable Vanadium Pentoxide Lithium standby cells, capable of lasting at least 10 years and powering the alarm initially for at least 6 months in the event of mains power failure.

Battery Supplied
Professional Smoke Alarms

Mains Powered with Lithium Battery Back Up
Optical (photoelectric) sensor with large volume chamber
and large high sensitivity photodiode. Insect resistant fine mesh screen
with holes less than 0.030 inches.
  • Built in sounder to give a sound output of minimum 85dBA at 3 metres.
  • Interconnection capability such that if one alarm sounds all interconnected alarms shall sound. Up to 36 units - ionisation, optical or heat alarms, shall be able to be interconnected in this way providing a relay is not used.
  • Automatic self test feature - chamber is tested every 40 seconds and unit bleeps (without red LED flash) if degraded.
  • Manual test button to test circuitry, sensor and horn and to activate all interconnected alarms in the system.
  • Automatic reset facility of alarm function.
  • Separate green LED mains indicator light to confirm integrity of mains power supply.
  • Separate red LED under test button to flash every 40 seconds to indicate auto test, and to flash rapidly in alarm condition.
  • The sounder to include a resonator or "trumpet" at least 30 mm in length and reaching to lid of the outer casing in order to amplify the sound.
  • Foam gasket built into surface mount plate to prevent dust ingress into the rear of the unit.
  • Non reversible mains connector with 200 mm lead and wiring instruction label.
  • Ambient temperature range 5°C to 44°C (39°F - 104°F). 0% to 90% relative humidity.
  • Dust cover to be fitted to the alarm to protect it from contamination during installation.
  • Two separate sets of instructions - one
  • Anti tamper locking device to prevent unauthorised removal of the alarm from the mounting plate without the use of a tool.
  • Low power cell warning signal to operate with or without mains power present.


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Mains Optical Smoke Alarm + Lithium Battery