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Single Button Alarm Controller
for RadioLINK
The primary function of the controller is to facilitate easy and frequent testing of the alarm system when in standby mode.

When the system is in alarm the Ei450 provides the following control functions:

Isolate the source alarm by silencing all the other alarms in the system. This is known as the Locate function.
Silence all the alarms in the system for a period of 10 minutes.
The control feature allows the home owner to quickly establish if there is a real alarm situation and take the appropriate action.

The Ei450 is also fitted with Fire and CO warning icons to indicate the source of the alarm in real time or memory.

  • Remote Test All the Alarms can be tested from a centralised location
  • Some older revisions of our RadioLINK modules do not support the Memory ID function.
  • Remote Locate This will silence all the Alarms in the system except the one sensing Fire or CO
  • Remote SilenceThis will silence all the Alarms in the system
  • Fire Indicator Indicates a that a Fire Alarm has been activated
  • CO Indicator Indicates a that a CO Alarm has been activated
  • EOL Indicator Indicates that the battery has reached its end of life (EOL)
  • Memory Indicates if a Fire or CO Alarm has been previously activated
  • Memory ID Identifies the Alarm that has previously been activated


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EI 450

RadioLINK Alarm Controller