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Crete Island Chimney Hood Stainless Steel/Black Glass / Chef Control8020283005358CRETE ISLAND

Correct maintenance of the filter system is vital to ensure the best possible functioning of the hood. These products have a visual indicator to signal grease filter and active carbon filter saturation.
When the light comes on, it means it is time to wash the grease filter or replace the carbon filter

The IntensiTime function activates the hood at the maximum power the motor can generate for a 5-minute period to remove high-intensity levels of fumes or vapour.

SMART INSTALLATION - Fast and easy product installation is a must, for large sized cooker hoods.
Smart technology makes it possible to fix the hood to the wall with a practical system commonly used for fastening kitchen cupboards.
This also makes it extremely easy to regulate the position of the product and align it perfectly with the surrounding furniture.
Crete Island Chimney Hood

SYNAIRGY - Synergy is the airflow system for the most efficient hoods in the world, respecting the environment by reducing electrical
energy consumption by 50%. Combining in perfect synergy a
silent, vibrationless, frictionless electrical machine with an
intelligent electronic control which puts motor power at the
service of the user, the Synergy system is unique of its type
in that it is also self-regulating. It guarantees reduced energy
consumption together with an optimal level of airflow and low
noise in every type of installation, adapting automatically to any
difficulty presented by air passage inside the kitchen and house.
CHEF CONTROL - With Chef control, the hood no longer responds to controls, but to necessity. Whether you want to prepare a delicate
steamed dish or a rich platter of mixed fried fish, all you have
to do is select the cooking type on the display and Chef control
translates necessity into action, automatically setting the most
appropriate airflow power. In addition, special functions Silent
and Booster are available to immediately satisfy the most
common requirements: maximum silence for non-invasive
operating or maximum power to deal with high-intensity fumes
or vapour. Chef control revolutionises the dialogue between
cook and cooker hood.
Island Chimney Hood 900mm x 565mm in Stainless Steel/Black Glass with Chef Control*

New for 2011, Crete Island is the ultimate in Island Chimney Hoods.
The Crete Island has energy saving features such as LED lighting and a low energy motor

in addition to the new Synergy Airflow System with Chef Control making this hood
the most energy efficient island hoods in the world.

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Models with extremely high airflow performance levels
specifically aimed at large kitchen environments or for culinary
habits that require a great deal of boiling, grilling and frying.

PURE FUNCTION - Pure is an intelligent operational mechanism where the
hood activates at speed level one for 5 minutes every half an
hour until the function is deactivated. Pure means that the
hood is useful even when no cooking is actually taking place,
automatically ensuring a constant, continuous and silent
exchange of air.
  • Stainless Steel + black glass
  • Chef control
  • Led 4 x 3w
  • 150mm (6in) diameter ducting connector
  • 90cm x 57cm
  • Maximum airflow 800 m³/h (IEC 680 m³/h)
  • 45-68 dB(A)
  • Absorption 190w
  • Pressure (Pa) 480
  • Optional charcoal filter
  • Adjustable chimney flue
  • Charcoal filter type ELTYPE195 or ELTYPE262 required if re-circulating
  • Min Mounting Height
    650mm above Electric Hob
    750mm above Gas Hobs
  • Flat Ducting (optional):
    6 inch ducting recommended
    6 inch Flat Ducting
  • Round Ducting (optional)
    6 inch ducting recommended
    6 inch Round Ducting
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