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5m Auto Lock Measuring Tape
Auto lock system allows blade to remain extended
until one of the release buttons is pushed allowing the blade
to retract back inside the tape body.
  • Casing of yellow ABS plastic housed in a black rubber outer for durability.
  • Wrist strap and belt clip fitted for easy carrying and hanging.
  • Blade 25mm wide and hardened giving great strength and durability in the horizontal plane.
  • Nylon coated blade with anti scratch properties for durability.
  • Nylon coated blade with anti glare properties for easy reading under artificial and sunlight.
  • Dual Markings are clear and precise giving accurate, easy measuring.
  • European class 2 marked blade ensuring accuracy.
  • Magnetic tape end adheres to ferrous metal objects giving quick and easy measuring.
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5m Auto Lock Measuring Tape