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Super Deluxe Cable Rod Set
The Super Deluxe comprises of rods made from a unique wear resistant Adoxim 4 ™ formula
designed specifically by Super Rod, improving handling quality and life expectancy.
The accompaniment of the Flexi Lead allows cable runs to be started off
with ease and navigates an easier path.

Example of use:
Ideal for long run lengths in Domestic and Commercial environments.
The variants of flexibility allow you to access and route cable in tight,
troublesome areas as well as at distance.

Who would use The Super Deluxe Set and why?
Domestic and commercial installers.
The mixed flexibility (4, 5 and 6mm rods) allow for more complex cable runs to be installed
due to the flexibility and the rigidity that the offered flexibilities permit.
The added feature of illumination within this set allows installers to inspect rods to target
as well as acting as a visual aid in dark spaces and cavities.

The Unique swivel End Glo Rod, not only lets off a Glo when charged up to light,
but has a unique swivel feature that ‘locks’ threads into place
eradicating the potential unscrewing of rods.

What can this tool do?
Route and retrieve cable. Illuminate. Offering 3 flexibilities of rod. 10.5 metres of length.
  • The Deluxe set comprises
    6 x 5mm.,
    2 x 6mm., and
    2 x 4mm
    one metre GRP rods
  • Half Metre Swivel End Glo Rod.
  • Also included,
    1 x 175mm Flexi Lead,
    1 x Domed Bullet,
    1 x Tuff Hook,
    1 x Mini Eye and Ring,
    1 x Gender Changer,
    1 x Thread Cleaning Flat Bullet,
    1 x Single Magnet and
    1 x Super Beam Torch Attachment.
    A must for all Professional Electricians!
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Super Deluxe Cable Rod Set