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Size - 750ml can.
Weight - 0.9kg
Expanding Foam
Expanding foam ( up to 30 times ).
Fill & Fix gaps and holes

A one component, moisture curing,polyurethane
foam which expands to form a rigid sealant on curing.
  • Has very good resistance to water, benzene, oil, cleaning solvents, weak acids and alkalis when fully cured. It does not rot or decay and resists fungus.
  • It may be plastered over depending on size - small areas need no preparatory work whereas large areas need a priming coat.
  • A 750ml aerosol will produce approximately 35 litres of expanded foam.
  • Not resistant to ultra violet rays and should not be exposed to prolonged sunlight.
  • It may be painted over when cured with an oil based or emulsion paint.


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750ml Expanding Foam