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To ensure further accuracy a hardened metal plate is placed under the rubber at the point of contact at the rear of the casing.
GAP Measuring Tape
Whichever way you look at it the award winning Advent 2in1 Gap Tape
is an ingenious innovation. Its double-sided printed blade means it measures internal spaces
with the same effortless precision as normal measurements.

With normal measurements on the top of the blade, the reserve blade markings
take into account the tape case dimensions,
so when you measure internal spaces you simply butt the case up to the end
and read the measurement.

Simple. Accurate. No Need to Bend the blade.
  • Strong ABS unbreakable case. housed in a black rubber outer for durability
  • Wrist strap and belt clip fitted for easy carrying and hanging
  • Ultra strong blade 25mm wide and hardened giving great strength and durability in the horizontal plane - stand out of 2.2m approx.
  • Blade has graduations both sides.
    Top side graduations are for normal measurements.
    Underside graduations and reduced by the width of the casing making an internal measurement where the casing is within the measured space accurate.
  • The tape end has also been redesigned to allow measurements with the tool upside-down as well as the normal way.
  • This item was designed by Advent Tools with the help of Birmingham University and Birmingham City Council window division.
  • Dual Markings are clear and precise giving accurate, easy measuring
  • European class 2 marked blade ensuring accuracy
  • Nylon coated blade with anti scratch properties for durability


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5mtr GAP Measuring Tape