Master Telephone Socket - Surface0LJU2/1A

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68mm x 68mm x 29mm
Master Telephone Socket Surface
For use as the first socket-outlet on a direct exchange line or PABX line.
They contain surge protectors (for line protection against electrical surges) and capacitors.

Wiring regulation restrictions
Any number of sockets may be installed thereafter, with a maximum of 5 telephones
normally being allowed on one exchange line.

Commercial installations: Our telephone sockets are suitable in all situations after the PBX/PABX .

For key systems and other ‘special’ systems, the manufacturer’s instructions should be referred to.
  • Installation tools required
  • Telephone sockets should not be installed into the same fixing or mounting boxes as mains rated cable.
  • IDC insertion tool code GP TOOL or Krone IDC insertion tool code GP T107.


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GP 21A

Master Telephone Socket - Surface