Jelly Crimp 3 Core Clear - LJ8B5028088010136LJ8B-1/PK100

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Jelly Crimp 8B 3 Core - Clear
IDC Wire Connectors
for Voice Cabling
The UR connector accepts two or three solid copper conductors for butt splicing.
The connector is filled with a sealant to provide moisture resistance.

These connectors are most commonly used to join BT CW1308 telephone cable, or any similar sized solid copper conductor cable. As there is a moisture barrier gel inside the connectors, they can be used internally

There are 2 contact blades for each wire, providing excellent connectivity for telephone and broadband.

They are extremely easy to use. Just insert the wires that need to be spliced into each hole
and press the red button down into the transparent plastic housing
  • Max insulation diameter (mm): 1.67
  • Cable style and wire diameter (mm):
  • Full plastic (unfilling): 0.4-0.9
  • Full plastic filling): 0.4-0.9
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40? +120?
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30? +80?
  • Relative Humidity:<90%(at20?)
  • Atmospheric Pressure : 70KPa 106KPa
  • Plastic Housing: PC (UL 94v-0)
  • Contacts: Phosphor Bronze
  • Wire Insertion Force: 45N Typical
  • Wire Pull out Force: 40N Typical
  • Use Times: >100
  • Insulation Resistance: R=1000M Ohm
  • Contact Resistance: R=5m ohm
  • Dielectric Strength: 1200V DC 60s can't spark over and haven t fly arc
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