Grommet Strip 1.6mm - 2.0mm (10Mtr)5060333854591GS3

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Grommet Strip
1.6mm - 2.0mm (10Mtr)
Castellated Grommet strip comes in continuous 10m lengths,
it is ideal for circular, oval or irregular shaped openings of all sizes in panels,
boards & trunking, providing a smooth edging.

It comes in natural coloured Polyethylene which can be cut easily with a knife or scissors
and can be fitted without the need for special tools or adhesives.

Eliminates sharp edges especially after cutting
  • GRS3 - Panel Thickness = 1.6mm - 2.0mm
  • Strip (External) Dimensions
    GRS3 - Width - 4.36mm - Height - 5.43mm
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Grommet Strip 1.6mm - 2.0mm (10Mtr)