100 Amp TP&N Switchfuse - HRC3250613415945JFE310U

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Height: 400mm
Width: 375mm
Depth: 200mm
+ 70mm for handle

Supplied c/w BS88 HRC Fuses

cable capacity
100A = 95mm2
Hager - 100 Amp
TP & N Switch Fuse HRC
The Hager range of fuse combination switches has been designed to complement
both the TP&N and panel board ranges
by providing individual protection and control of individual circuits.

The enclosures up to 200A have been designed to provide adequate cabling space
without the need for additional cable spreader boxes.

Operation of the device is through a door mounted rotary handle which is
mechanically interlocked to prevent access to live conductors when the
switch is in the on position. The handle is also padlockable in the off position.

All versions will accept standard BS88 fuse links
and can be converted to switch disconnector by fitting copper links.
  • utilisation category
    AC22 - 300 - 800A
    AC23 - 20 - 250A
  • Complies with:
    BS EN 60-439 part 1 (enclosure)
    BS EN 60-947 part 3 (device)
  • Note: maximum rated fuse links are fitted in all fuse combination switches
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product photo HG JFE310U 100 Amp TP&N Switchfuse - HRC