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Speedflow 10L
Unvented Water Heater 2 kW
Ideal for use in cloakrooms and kitchens in offices, shops, student accommodation
and domestic premises which have been extended and there is no central hot water system nearby.

One unit located under the kitchen sink is often used to supply hot water
for light dishwashing in the kitchen sink and handwashing in the cloakroom basin.

Selection Guide (approximate depending on usage)
1 basin: SF05K
1 to 2 basins: SF10K
2 to 3 basins: SF15K
  • Can be used with regular taps including mixers
  • Mains pressure flow rates
  • 2.0 kW element as standard
  • 1.2 kW element available for 10 & 15 litre models for restricted load applications
  • Neon element on indicator
  • Glass lined steel tank as standard
  • External temperature control with frost protection setting
  • Accessories may be needed to comply with the Water Regulations. Pressure reducing valve required for pressures above 4.2 bar and expansion vessel and check valve required if cold water draw off nearby. Kits available separately - (see Speedflow Kits).
  • Safety
    Overheat temperature protection 85°C (manual reset).
  • Supplied pressure relief valve must be fitted in every case (set at 6 bar).
  • Frost protection if power on.
  • Optional thermostatic mixing valve to maintain hot water supplied to user at constant, safe temperature.
  • Installation
    Site above or below the sink, but inlet and outlet must be at the top.
    Floor standing or wall mounted.
  • Optional thermostatic mixing valve available - see Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • Not suitable for hair wash basins in hairdressing salons


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