Smoke Alarm & Emergency Light - Energy Saving Version Discontined
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Smoke Alarm & Emergency Light - Energy Saving Version0724/LE

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SHOWN with Standard GLS Lamp

Supplied c/w Low Energy lampholder with 6" Flex

( Shade not included )


To meet L1 Lighting Regs the lampholder has built-in control gear for the Low Energy Lamp

and requires a lampshade with a LARGER lampholder ring (40mm) to accommodate the GES size lampholder

85 dB Alarm
Combined Smoke Alarm & Emergency Light
Ceiling Rose
New unique design incorporating the latest MSP technology.
Sophisticated smoke detector with state of the art sensor to avoid most nuisance false alarms
whilst keeping your home and family safe from the dangers of fire.
Will activate all room lights (where a unit is fitted) upon detection of smoke, to provide a safe exit route.
Features an independent emergency lighting system to show an escape route in the event of a fire or darkness.
It will illuminate a 3.6 sq. metre room for up to 2 hours.
Incorporates a day and night sensor to conserve energy ensuring that the emergency light is activated when required during dusk or darkness only.
Each unit has a communications feature to allow units to be linked in a series to provide an illuminated escape route, in the case of an incident.
Replaces an existing ceiling rose therefore it is inconspicuous and aesthetically pleasing.
Fully sealed tamper proof unit.
High quality product, compact, low profile unobtrusive design.
Power protection failure - it still works if main power is unavailable via a rechargeable back up supply.
Power supply monitoring system to ensure 100% effectiveness.
10-year - Lithium battery technology for complete peace of mind.
Manufactured and tested to the latest European requirements.
    With approximately 1 million burglaries, over 70,000 household fires* and numerous electrical power cuts, Housesafe is a unique product designed to protect your home and family. A sophisticated smoke fire alarm signalling system with integral emergency light and communications facility combined in a standard electrical ceiling rose. It is small, compact and unobtrusive.
    Housesafe is an innovative product combining 3 key features housed in a single compact unit.
  • A Smoke Alarm - The sophisticated smoke detector has been developed to minimise nuisance alarms.
  • An Emergency Light - It activates automatically when mains power fails. To illuminate a safe environment and ensure light is available when required a day and night sensor is incorporated to conserve energy.
  • A Signalling Unit - A state of the art communications feature is a significant part of the Housesafe allows units to be linked in a series, so that the alarm and the room lights are activated in the event of fire, providing an illuminated escape route.
  • All 3 features are contained in a single ceiling rose..
    93mm Diameter / 45mm Depth.
  • Conforms to BS 5446 Part 1 for smoke detection.
  • Approvals BS EN 60065 1998, BS EN 50130-4 1995, BS EN 50081-1 1992.
  • Suitable for BS 5839 Part 6 1995 Fire Systems Grade D, E and F.
  • 220 240 Vac 50/60Hz.
  • High performance 2.5% obs eliminates most nuisance alarms.
  • Suitable for any filament or electronic low energy lamps to maximum of 100w.
  • Optional connection to any new or existing burglar alarm system.
  • LED status indication.
  • Click fixing arrangement.
  • Ultra sonic welded. Fully sealed unit.
  • Lampholder c/w 10/13 watt gear
  • Interconnectable
  • Not suitable for Kitchens / Bathrooms / Garages


Lighting Regs Part L1
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