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Height: 370mm
Easyclear 4000 Clearwater & Fountain Pump
The EasyClear 4‘n1 looks likely to satisfy them all: its ultra-violet clarifier eliminates green water
while the filter sieves out solids to leave the water clear and healthy for fish and plants.
At the same time, the EasyClear pump generates a decorative fountain up to 1.3m high
and/or a waterfall up to 0.13m wide at a height of 1m.

It delivers in one sleek, compact housing all the features and remedies that could be desired
in a small garden pond and its obvious ease of installation will encourage first-time pond owners into the market.
Although the new larger model has the same footprint as the smaller version, it stands taller at 370mm.
Nonetheless, the whole unit can still be completely concealed even within shallower ponds,
thus avoiding the need to hide a filter by the side of the pond.
Fountain stem extensions are available for raising the fountainhead height in deeper ponds so
that the unit can be laid on the bottom of the pond without the need for a pump stand.

A single power cable allows quick and easy installation. A wide base and feet make it very stable
on the bottom of the pond and a swivel ball joint ensures that the fountainhead is always vertical
even when the bottom of the pond is uneven.
Maintenance is kept to a minimum by virtue of an anti-clog strainer although the lid
can be removed easily for cleaning of the foam filter.
A bypass valve allows for uninterrupted operation of the fountain even when the foam becomes blocked.
Easily accessible twin flow controls enable the size of the fountain and waterfall to be adjusted independently.
The two flow controls, situated on the fountain stem for easy access, have different ribbed designs
so the user can tell whether they are adjusting the waterfall or fountain height
without removing the pump from the pond.
  • Clear and healthy water
    The filter sieves out solids that make the water cloudy and makes the water healthy for fish and plants.
    The ultra violet clarifier eliminates green water.
  • Fountain
    The fountain creates a decorative display with a choice of three fountain heads.
    Clearwater is guaranteed in ponds of up to 4000 litres capacity.
  • This product has been specifically designed to encourage small pond owners and the millions of potential pond owners to invest by overcoming the complexities of product selection and by making installation much easier.
  • Like all Hozelock Cyprio products the EasyClear has a multitude of features to make installation, operation and maintenance very simple.
  • Easy Installation
    Everything is placed in the water so that there is no need for a filter system outside the pond which is difficult to disguise. Furthermore, only one electric cable and no hose connections makes installation
  • Very simple.
    One power cable for simple and cost effective installation.
    Ball joint for easy levelling of fountainhead.
    Feet for stability.
    Fountain stem extension segments for varying pond depths.
  • Easy Operation
    3 Fountainheads (2 Tier, 3 Tier & Bell) for display choice.
    Flow control to adjust size of fountain.
    Fully integrated filter - UVC, mechanical and biological action.
  • Technical data
    35 Watts.
    10m Cable length.
    9w UV lamp.
  • Accessories included
    2 Tier jet.
    3 Tier jet.
    Bell jet.
    4 x fountain stem extension pieces.


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