Fireguard Loftbrace for 600mm Joist Centers - Discontinued

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Only 1 JC 94021 required per fitting

Supplied flat packed
Fireguard Loftbrace for 600mm Joist Centers
If the loft brace is used an a JCC Fireguard fire rated fitting it extends the warranty from 12 months to 3 years

Not classed as fire rated as it doesn’t have an Intumescent material in the seal

The new loft brace from JCC is designed as a simple
cost effective solution to ensure suitable airflow is
achieved around a luminaire installed in a loft space

The loft brace also protects the luminaire from
accidental damage by objects placed in the loft space
Please note: The Loft Brace is not meant to be load bearing as such,

the max load capacity of insulation material would need to be no more than 1.5kg,

2 sizes available to fit 400mm and 600mm centred joists.


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JC 94021

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