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Mains Ionisation Smoke Alarm + Alkaline Battery
Mains powered (for professional installation) with Duracell
loose alkaline battery back-up and 6-year guarantee.

Complying with current minimum requirements of the relevant Building Regulations for
new housing, i.e. Grade D (BS5839, Part 6).

Ionisation Smoke Alarms are for use where a fast flaming fire
(for example, electrical equipment igniting) is more likely to be a hazard
than a slow, smouldering one, such as dining and living rooms.

They are more prone to nuisance alarms from cooking particles and steam near kitchens.

They contain a very small amount of Americium 241 radioactive
material, which may be a consideration for storage and disposal.
  • ‘Wireless Capability’ enabling use with Kidde Fyrnetics new Wireless Alarm Base (Model: RF-SFTP), for wire-free interconnection.
  • Compatible with Kidde Fyrnetics new Remote Test & Hush switch (Model: KN-RTH-RF) via the Wireless Alarm Base.
  • Integral, double-decker Screwless terminal block for fast, push-fit connection.
  • Unique fast-fit system with separate base plate, enabling fitting after construction and removal for maintenance.
  • Auto resets after activation with latching LED allowing the initiating alarm to be identified.
  • Separate Hush & Test buttons for ease of use.
  • Green & Red LED’s to indicate alarm status.
  • Interlinkable with Slick® or Firex hard-wired smoke & heat alarms.
  • Can be added to existing Slick® or Firex installations.
  • Interlinkable with Kidde hard-wired CO alarms using ‘Smart Interconnect’ technology.
  • Up to 6 months continuous operation from back-up cells, in the event of mains failure.
  • 30 days low battery warning indicator.


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Mains Ionisation Smoke Alarm + Alkaline Battery