Mini Lynx Fast Start 5w ES Energy Saving Lamp - Discontinued

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Mini Lynx Fast Start 5w ES Energy Saving Lamp0031141

Equivalent to
25 Watt Household Lamp

Fast Start
Max Length: 98mm
Max Dia: 37mm

Household Lamp
Max Length: 107mm
Max Dia: 60mm
Mini Lynx Fast Start
5w ES
Warm White 2700k
Help! The earth is warming up because of all that CO2 people are pumping in the atmosphere.
But if the ice caps melt and the sea rises, where are we penguins going to live?
Help save us. Save energy. And save money too.
By replacing your conventional light bulbs with the new Mini-Lynx Fast-Start bulb.

Mini-Lynx Fast-Start is a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
with its own self-contained control ballast within the base.
This means that Mini-Lynx Fast-Start can be used as a direct retro-fit for less efficient
incandescent light bulbs with SES - E14, ES - E27 or BC - B22 lamp caps.
  • 80% energy savings, compared to standard incandescent light bulbs
  • Direct retrofit for GLS Lamps.
  • For professional and domestic use.
  • Not suitable for use with dimmers or photocell
  • Lumen: 370lm
  • Ultra fast starting
  • Very small dimensions
  • Integral electronic ballast
  • Average rated life 6000 hours
  • Saves up to 80% of Energy
  • Instant ‘flicker free start’, with no switch delay


5 Watt
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Mini Lynx Fast Start 5w ES Energy Saving Lamp