EasySwitch 1 Channel - On / Off Receiver - Weatherproof5060318770076ESR-1

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Length: 114mm.
Width: 65mm.
Depth: 40mm.
EasySwitch - On / Off Receiver
The ON/OFF easySWITCH receiver ESR-1 is designed
for outdoor use and is weatherproof to IP66.

With up to 1kw switch capacity it can operate a variety of devices
such as electric motors, garden lighting, water features and much more.
  • Mains operated 220-240V 50Hz.
  • Highly secure digital FM code.
  • Learns up to 16 transmitters.
  • Indoor or outdoor use IP66.
  • Switching capacity -
    1000 watts resistive.
    250 watts LED
  • Licence exempt.
  • You can use a PP3 battery ( not supplied ) to test the range before installation.
  • Illuminate your boat moored in the harbour to make it easy to row out to.
  • Factory and Office lighting control.
  • Remote control of extractor fans in public places.
  • Some of the Many Uses
  • Adding Lights and Switches where required (without wiring).
  • Over-riding existing lights.
  • Switching on lights in the greenhouse or garden shed from your house.
  • Garden lighting and fish pond pumps.
  • Tennis court and swimming pool lighting control.
  • Table lamps operated from one central switch point.
  • Neighbourhood Watch Systems. Switch on your neighbours lights from your own home.
  • Keep a check on an elderly or infirmed neighbour, with the keyfob they can operate a light in your home to indicate a problem.


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EasySwitch 1 Channel - On / Off Receiver - Weatherproof