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Transmitter Instructions EST 1 - Click Here - 80kb pdf

Receiver Instructions ESR 1 - Click Here - 53kb pdf
Receiver Instructions ESR 4 - Click Here - 214kb pdf

Keyfob ESF 4 Instructions...
Keyfob ESF 1 Instructions.... - Click Here - 10kb pdf

PIR Instructions.... - Click Here - 69kb pdf

Easy Switch Overview.... - Click Here - 166kb pdf


How reliable is a wireless system?

The easySWITCH uses a narrow band super heterodyne FM receiver enabling the radio waves to be received over long distances and through obstacles such as walls, buildings and trees. The sophisticated digital code, unique to each transmitter, totally eliminates the possibility of accidental operation from other radio transmitters.


Battery Life

The easySWITCH barely uses any power in standby mode and only uses a small amount of power for one second each time the switch is operated. Battery life can be expected to be between two and three years depending on use.



The easySWITCH is easy to programme. Simply press the learn button on the receiver and operate only once the switch that you want to work with that particular receiver - that’s it! The receiver can learn up to 16 different switches and key fobs.


Single way and two way switching

The receiver has a mode switch which sets the receiver to operate as a single switch system or multi switch system.
The single switch mode will not let the receiver get out of sequence. When an ON code is received the receiver will turn on the lights and an OFF code will turn off the lights.
When in the multi switch mode, ON and OFF codes do not apply and any switch that is operated will reverse the receiver output. Ideal for two way and intermediate switching applications.