LED Torch 1000 Lumens Rechargeable5055800106587LTFL1 / JD11622

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37x 142mm
LED Rechargeable
Torch 1000lm
Ultra bright LED torch with 1000lm output with a working time of up to 8 hours.
The LTFL1 torch is powered by a rechargeable 18650 battery.

Easily recharged by USB cable, with a variable zoom focus, it can be used
for camping, adventure, rock climbing, travelling and fishing.
  • Material: Heavy-duty Aluminium
  • Power: 10W OSRAM LED
  • Lumens: 1000lm
  • Modes: High - Low - Flash
  • Variable Zoom Focus
  • Charging Time: 5-6hours
  • Working Time: 2hours (high power)
  • 8hours (low power)
  • Battery Type: 1 x 18650 2000maAh
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (included)
  • Input: Micro USB
  • 50cm USB Cable included
  • Operating Temp.: -100 ~ +350C


LTFL1 Datasheet 2300kb
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LED Torch 1000 Lumens Rechargeable