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330mm x 110mm.
Polo LED White/Opal
c/w Energy Efficient Corridor Motion Sensor
Daylight White
Corridor Motion Sensor has an option to drop the light level to about 20% instead of off
Giving the area a glow rather than completely off

Power Consumption 14w
Light Output better than 2D 28w

Ideal for most areas domestic and commercial
i.e. Home, Workshops, Garages,
Shops, Commercial Toilets, Sports Halls, Gyms and Changing rooms

New Colour Trims - Black - Chrome - Satin Brass - Polished Brass - Satin Silver
  • Polycarbonate Impact Resistant Body & Diffuser
  • LED Specific Diffuser (LEDs not seen when lit)
  • IP44 suitable internal use only
  • LED Colour: Daylight White 5000k
  • Lumen: 1022lm (2D28 - 995lm)
  • Rated 30,000 hours (3 year Guarantee)
  • Cost Savings
  • 2D28w + Control Gear = Approx 34w
  • LED Polo = 16w - Saving 18w per hour
  • 10 hours per day x 360 days a year
  • SAVING 64.8 kW per year
  • No Lamp changes / Maintenance
  • Sensitivity / Range Adjustment
    Minimum sensitivity detects up to 4m.
    Maximum detection is up to 10m.
  • Standby Power: approx. 0.6W
  • Microwave Frequency: 5.8GHz ± 75MHz CW Radar, ISM Band,
  • Transmitter Power: < 0.2mW
  • Mounting height: 2~3M ( Recommended (2.5M )
  • Detection Angle @ 360° (Ceiling Mounted)
  • Detection Range : ø4~10m
  • Ambient Control: 10 Lux ~ 8 ( Adjustable )
  • Time Delay (1-30 Minutes & Test)
  • Manual Override: 4 Hours


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Polo LED White/Opal c/w Corridor Motion Sensor - Daylight White