32 Amp 30mA RCBO - MK50174905604217936S

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RCBO terminal capacity,

Live: 25 mm
Neutral: 16mm

Tripping Current,
MK Sentry 32 Amp 30mA RCBO
1 Module - Oct 2009
An RCBO is a combination of an MCB and RCD
This enables both overcurrent protection and earth fault current protection by a single unit.

Single module Sentry RCBOs may be installed anywhere along the length of the busbar and will occupy one outgoing way.

They are suitable also for installation in Sentry Consumer Units and in Sentry two or four module enclosures.

The current carrying capacity of the cable should always exceed the current rating of the MCB.
  • Dimensions:
    112 x 18 x 73mm
  • Cable Capacity:
    Live 25mm2,
    Neutral 16mm2
  • Short-circuit breaking capacity: 6KA
  • BS EN 61009-1
  • BS IEC 61009-2-2
  • 7900 series replaced the 6900 series - Oct 2009
  • They are interchangeable with each other (However the switches do not align exactly with the old MCB' & RCBO's)


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MK 7936S

32 Amp 30mA RCBO - MK