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Labgear Signal Boosters
4 Way 4G Amplifier with Digi Bypass
RED Compliant
SLx is renowned for producing high quality electrical accessories and signal distribution products.
SLx Boosters have a number of features that assist quality distribution of your TV and/or Radio signals around your home, including:
More efficient Switch-Mode Power Supply - these run cooler saving energy whilst also making them safer in your home

Improved gain flatness delivering a better balance across the performance range
Lower noise figure for optimum picture and sound quality
Greater signal handling capacity to cope with more channels
Coaxial connectors – simple to plug in to standard aerial connections
  • Dual Inputs – With separate inputs for UHF TV and VHF (FM and or DAB) Radio and a built in signal combiner your signal distribution system can easily be expanded to include high quality radio signals in every room.
  • MXSLX4B – Gain 10dB
  • SLx Bypass boosters have an IR bypass circuit and are DigiLink compatible, which means you have the option to control a digital satellite receiver via a Link-eye in another room using the original or a compatible remote control.
  • SLx Bypass boosters provide 9V DC on every outlet to power a Link-eye but also have short circuit protection to prevent overload. If the booster detects a short circuit it will only shut down the power on the outlet with the short, all other outlets will continue to function as normal.


SLX4B Data Sheet - 830kb pdf SLX4B Instructions - 730kb pdf
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4 Way 4G Amplifier with Digi Bypass RED Compliant