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Tv Remote Control - Extender
Watch and control digital satellite from any TV
The SLx Link simply plugs into the digital coaxial cable where it enters the second TV
and extends remote control back to the Satellite box.

Once the SLx Link is in place you can control the Satellite box
with the original remote or a suitable universal remote control
  • Designed for use with SLxGold range of amplifiers.
  • The SLXLINK system is the easy way to distribute high quality digital pictures plus normal off air channels around the house, and control the digital satellite receiver from the any other room.
  • SLXLINK uses the tvLINK function built within the Sky digital receiver to control the digital receiver from a different room.
  • The SLXLINK eye sits on top of the TV in your bedroom or other remote viewing point. It sends the remote control signals from the bedroom to the Sky digital receiver in the living room via the same coaxial cable that is delivering the Sky pictures to the television.
  • The SLX Link works by picking up the remote control signal from your Sky remote in your bedroom via the little eye, converting the infra red pulses to electronic pulses, sending the electronic pulses down the cable to the Sky receiver. The receiver will accept the electronic pulses only at RF out 2 and they then pass through the same circuit as the remote receiver eye that is on the front of your digibox.
  • Note If there are any interruptions on the cable (splitters, amplifiers ( except SLxGold range ) or isolated wall plates), a bypass unit may be required as these can also block the signal from returning to the receiver and stop this from functioning properly.


SLXLINK - User Guide - 170kb pdf
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SLx Remote Control Extender