6mm² 3 Core NYY-J Cable Black06mm NYY-J 3core

1.5mm 3 core Shown

Nominal Overall Diameter
6mm² 3 Core NYY-J Cable Black
Power and control cable for fixed installation.

Indoor use where mechanical damages are not to be expected.

Outdoors, Underground, in Brickwork,
To comply with the UK wiring regulations BS7671 for burial in the ground,
they require installation in a conduit or duct to provide protection against mechanical damage.
They are not suitable for installation in concrete which is shaken, vibrated or compressed.

The UV-resistance allows for outdoor use.

NYY-J is a VDE approved, solid conductor*, black PVC jacketed, 600/1000 volt power and control cable.
  • Conductor: Class 1 solid plain copper to
    BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360), VDE0295, IEC 60228, CENELEC HD383
  • Insulation
    PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Type YI4 to VDE0276
  • Sheath
    FR/PVC (Flame Retardant / Polyvinyl Chloride) Type YM3 to VDE0276
  • Sheath Colour
  • Voltage Rating
  • Temperature Rating
    Fixed: -40°C to +70°C
    Flexing: -5°C to +50°C
  • Minimum Bending Radius
    Single Core: 15 x overall diameter
    Multi-Core: 12 x overall diameter
  • Core Identification
    Up to and including 5 cores:
    colour coded


NYY Datasheet - pdf 53kb
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6mm² 3 Core NYY-J Cable Black

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