3-Way Orange Above Ground Box Size 108045

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Order connectors to suit the size of cable being joined
Pratley Above Ground

3 way / Tee - Cable Joint
Supplied complete with cable glands and shrouds
  • To Suit Cable Sizes
    6.0mm 4 core SWA.
    10mm 2 or 3 core SWA.
    To join one of the above cable sizes with a smaller cable than above a reducing gland is required.
  • TL CON30
    1.5mm 2,3 or 4 core SWA.
    2.5mm 2,3 or 4 core SWA.
    4.0mm 2 core SWA.
  • PR CON 2
    4.0mm 3 or 4 core SWA.
    6.0mm 2,3 or 4 core SWA.
    10mm 2, or 3 core SWA.
  • A range of aluminium boxes for use above ground without the need of filling compounds or resins.
  • Lightweight corrosion resistant alloy with epoxy resin coating.
  • These boxes are dust / watertight to IP68.
  • Allows cables to be added or removed after installation has been completed.
  • Allows the box to be used for circuit testing.


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