Sunvic TLX RFPV Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat5034384006445TLX RFPv

Current Rating:
6A for resistive load,
2A for inductive load.

138 x 80.5 x 55.5mm

108 x 85 x 35mm
Radio Controlled Programmable Room Thermostat
The TLX RFPV is a radio-frequency programmable room thermostat
comprising of a battery powered free standing transmitter unit and a mains powered receiver unit,
allowing different times and room temperatures to be selected by the user.

The unit has a range of up to 60m, making it ideal for situations where no existing wiring is available,
the position of the existing thermostat is being changed or the user wishes to move the thermostat from room to room.

The receiver is usually mounted close to the boiler where a mains supply is readily obtained.

The clear digital display indicates the time, the day of the week, the set temperature and the ambient temperature.
Heat ‘ON’ and a low battery indicators are provided for ease of use and reliability.

The TLX RFPv offers 8 pre-set programmes and both comfort and economy settings.
The 7-day, 5/2-day or 24-hour settings option allows the user to choose a programme that best meets their lifestyle.
Default temperature settings, user adjustable programmes and 12 ‘ON/OFFs’ per day gives the user maximum flexibility while still retaining ease of use.
Manual override, reset and frost protection functions provide added security and convenience for the user.

The small temperature differential ensures maximum energy efficiency and user comfort as the room temperature remains close to the set temperature.

Volts free switching is provided for added convenience.
  • A radio frequency programmable room thermostat and receiver.
  • A combined time switch and room thermostat which allows the user to set different periods, with different target temperatures, for space heating over a daily cycle.
  • 4 x PB LR6 Batteries not included
  • 8 pre-sets programmes
  • Comfort / economy modes
  • Default temperature settings
  • User adjustable programmes
  • 12 ON / OFFs per day
  • 7 Day setting
  • 5/2 Day setting
  • 24 hour setting
  • Reset option
  • Frost protection


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