USA 120v to UK 240v Step Up Transformer 300Va5028088001066SC5417CL

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115 x 115mm.
Weight: 2.00Kg.

Our Step up and Step down transformers are technically known as Autotransformers which are single non-isolated windings that do not provide isolation between the input and output.

For electrical items which may be frequency dependant please be aware that the UK supply frequency will be 50Hz. And not 60Hz.
In the USA the frequency will be 60Hz. In other words the frequency is not converted by the transformer and remains as per the country that you are using the equipment
120v to 240v Step Up Auto Transformer 300Va
Uk to USA
Allows Uk type mains equipment (designed for 220/240V
AC operation) to be used throughout the USA and Canada.

The output socket is the standard UK 13A, 3-pin socket.

Incorporates an input fuse of the appropriate rating, with a USA 3-pin plug.

Manufactured in the Uk to BS.745: 1991 and IEC.989: 1991.
  • Maximum load: 300VA.
  • Input voltage: 110/120V.
  • Output voltage: 220/240V.
  • No. of sockets: 1.
  • Virtually no external magnetic field.
  • Uses Toroidal windings in a robust housing.
  • Includes a 1.4m, 3 core flex with fitted plug.


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SC 5417W

USA 120v to UK 240v Step Up Transformer 300Va