Tacima - UK 240v to USA 110volt Step Down Transformer 500Va5028088003046SC5476/2

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Input Voltage - 240v
Output Voltage - 120v

500 Va ( 4.1 Amps )
at 120volts.

Our Step up and Step down transformers are technically known as Autotransformers which are single non-isolated windings that do not provide isolation between the input and output.

For electrical items which may be frequency dependant please be aware that the UK supply frequency will be 50Hz. And not 60Hz.
In the USA the frequency will be 60Hz. In other words the frequency is not converted by the transformer and remains as per the country that you are using the equipment
500va USA Type
Auto Transformer
Designed to operate American type equipment ( 110/120v AC ) in the U.K.
The output sockets accept 2 or 3 pin American style plugs.

Please check the load of the equipment to be run, before ordering.

Two Output Sockets

Height: - 115mm
Dia: - 115mm.
Weight: - 2.9kg.


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SC 5476

Tacima - UK 240v to USA 110volt Step Down Transformer 500Va