200va - 240v to 12v Weatherproof Lighting Transformer - IP68 (Discontinued)

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200va - 240v to 12v Weatherproof Lighting Transformer - IP680LTWP200

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200va IP68 Transformer
These transformers are designed for installation outside and can be buried in the ground
adjacent to driveways, patios, paths, ponds, and swimming pools, decking and in gardens.

Indoors they are also suitable for showers, bathrooms, swimming pools, steam rooms and kitchens.

The IP68 waterproof enclosure classification protects the transformer from temporary flooding caused by heavy rain or accidental flooding of a room, however the transformer should not be permanently submersed in water. This is because the transformer warms up under normal running conditions and cools down again when switched off. A partial vacuum is created inside the enclosure, which will suck in a little water. This may build up over a period of time and cause the transformer to fail.

All transformers are supplied with mains input and low voltage output cables 1.8metres long.
The input cable is 1mm twin flexible cable type H05 RNF sheathed.
The output H05 RNF sheathed cables vary in conductor size according to the total power of the transformer and should not be extended beyond the lengths recommended below. Multiple lamp connections are made via a weatherproof splitter box.
The total length of output cable includes the 1.8M output cable from the transformer to the splitter box. ( see right bullet points )
  • 144mm x 133mm x 165mm (excluding cables)
  • Thermal cut out 120 deg.C.
  • Output cable size 2.5mm sq.
  • 10 x 20w lamps 9Mts
  • 4 x 35w lamps 10Mts
  • 4 x 50w lamps 3.5Mts
  • using 1.0mm cable from the splitter box.


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200va - 240v to 12v Weatherproof Lighting Transformer - IP68