Pure Sine Wave Inverter 600W 24Vdc - Discontinued

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Compact Pure Sine Wave
Inverter 600W 24Vdc
These high efficiency soft start power inverters
use a pure sine wave to power mains equipment from a 24v lorry or boat battery.

The advantages of a pure sine wave over a modified sine wave are that they
produce clean power with low harmonic distortion like that supplied from a mains outlet.

This means equipment which uses motors and inductive loads such as
microwaves, vacuum cleaners, pumps and hand held tools run quieter, faster and cooler.

Also, items which do not run on modified sine wave inverters such as:
Some battery chargers for cordless tools, fluorescent lights (with electronic ballasts)
and items which use motors of varying speed all function correctly and efficiently.
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Soft start (Minimises inverter shutdown when using large inductive loads)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Battery low/high shutdown
  • Over temperature protection
  • LED fault indicator
  • Output voltage - 240Vac (±10%)
  • AC frequency - 50Hz (±5%
  • Input voltage -+ 24Vdc
  • No load current - <0.35A
  • Cont. Power - 600W
  • Supplied with 1.0m DC power lead with crocodile clips
  • Dimensions - 60 x 110 x 240mm
  • Weight - 1kg


Inverter Datasheet - 850kb - pdf Guide to Inverters - 118kb - pdf
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Pure Sine Wave Inverter 600W 24Vdc