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Height: 85mm.
Width: 85mm.
Depth: 49.6mm.
13 Amp RCD Spur 30 mA
RCD Fused Connection Unit for additional protection against electric shocks and fire risk.
The unit will remain latched if the power supply is tripped.

Provides additional protection against the dangers of electrocution.
Eliminates the need for plug-in residual current circuit breakers.
Protects appliances from possible fire hazard.
Extra fast action – trips out within 40 milliseconds (BS7288).
Latching for continuous operation after supply interruption.
Disconnects both Live and Neutral connections leaving Earth connection intact.
  • Latching RCD will remain set in the event of a loss of power supply.
  • Test Button.
  • Surface or flush mounting in 25mm box.
  • Cable Capacity - Up to 10.5mm²
  • EC Directives - Conforms to Latest Directives
  • Guarantee – 5 Years.
  • Operating Voltage - 230V AC
  • Current Rating - 13A
  • Rated Trip Current - 30mA
  • Trip Speed - BS 7288 – 40ms
  • Contact Break - Double Pole
  • Continues to Protect With - Lost Neutral & Pulsating DC Earth Fault


RCD Sockets & Spurs SMRCD10W Instructions 408kb pdf
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13 Amp RCD Spur 30 mA - White Special Offer