Active/Passive RCD Guide


In the latching or Passive units the RCD will remain closed, once set, and will only trip when a hazardous earth fault occurs. If the unit loses supply - perhaps in a power cut - it will stay latched, making it particularly useful in commercial applications, such as controlling refrigeration units.

Latched RCD Accessories

BR H92 Spur
CM 4906 White Single Socket
LB 8800 Exterior Single Socket
MK 56301 Exterior Socket
MK 56231 Exterior Twin Socket
SM TGV204 Exterior Twin Socket

Non latching or Active units also trip when the power supply is lost, so they are useful for domestic applications - like controlling garden and power tools - where a sudden restoration of power might pose safety problems.

Non Latched RCD Accessories

BR J03 Adaptor
BR J72 Plug
CM 4901 White Twin Socket
CM 4903M Metal Single Socket
SM RCD07M Metal Twin Socket
CS 56C313/4 Industrial Single Socket
CS 56C313/2/4EL Industrial Twin Socket
SM TGV205 Exterior Twin Socket
SM TPS204 Exterior Single Socket
TL ARCD Adaptor

The surface of the sockets will be warm even when the socket is not in use. The surface can safely attain a temperature rise of 52°C when the RCD is on load. Without a load it can be expected that the surface would reach 38°C.

The internal parts are tested to 66°C to comply with the standard

The above information generally applies to the Connection Unit, which is latching type.

Contactum RCD socket outlets

Operating voltage: 220V - 240V AC 50Hz

Current rating: 13 amp

Trip Speed: Less than 40mSec at 150Ma earth faults. BS 7288

Continues to protect with: Lost neutral / Pulsating DC earth faults

Conforms to EU Directives: 72/73/EEC and 89/336/EEC