HydroTap Filtered Boiling Water - 50 Cups Per Hr - Discontinued

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HydroTap Filtered Boiling Water - 50 Cups Per Hr0B100F

Hydro Tap Filtered Boiling Water - 50 Cups Per Hr
Zip HydroTap is the perfect appliance for prestige offices
Dispenses boiling filtered water instantly from a single tap
A touch of the red button provides instant filtered boiling water

Filtered boiling water instantly for tea, coffee, cooking
Safety lock provides in-built protection
Everything but the tap is hidden under the work top or sink
No more time wasted waiting for water to boil
No more energy wasted boiling kettles or urns
No more bottled water to buy or store
Can be installed on virtually any work top with the Tap Font (optional)
Oversize levers available
  • Delivery rate
    Up to 16 cups at a time
  • Rating
    1.5 kW @ 230V AC
  • Boiling system
    Open outlet, vented system
    designed to operate at 98°C
  • Filtration system
    Triple-action sub micron cartridge
  • Tap head
    Chrome plated electronic tap
    with touch pads and LED indicators
  • Boiling unit
    White corrosion resistant powder coated zinc
    seal with front filter access door
  • Safety features
    Child-proof safety lock on tap
  • Approvals
    WRAS Approved and
    CE Endorsed
  • Warranty
    Two year product guarantee with on-site service support from date of purchase applies to UK installations only.
  • Installation
    The tap should be positioned either on a suitable sink or on a Zip Tap Font
    If installing on a sink, the tap should be mounted so that it will dispense into the sink
    The boiling unit should be located as closely as possible to directly beneath the tap, with no ‘dog-legs’ in the silicone pipes
    The boiling unit must be installed with clearances of 50 mm left and right
  • Plumbing
    The water supply must be potable (drinkable)
    If static pressure exceeds 7 bar, a pressure reducing valve must be fitted
    An isolating valve should be installed between the water supply and the under-counter unit
  • Venting
    The cupboard containing the boiling unit must be amply ventilated:
    cupboard doors must be offset from cupboard by 4 mm all round for ventilation, using 4 mm buffers provided and a door vent fitted
  • Electrical
    To be wired to a double pole fused spur, minimum break rating of 13 amps
    Installation must comply with current IEE regulations
  • Precautions
    In some hard water areas where mineral scale accumulation can become a problem, consideration should be given to the maintenance required
  • Technical advice
    Contact Zip on 0870 608 8888


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HydroTap Filtered Boiling Water - 50 Cups Per Hr