HydroTap Filtered Hot+Boiling & Cold+Chilled Water 1 Tap 200/175 Cup (Discontinued)

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HydroTap Filtered Hot+Boiling & Cold+Chilled Water 1 Tap 200/175 Cup0BC20/175+AN

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Dimensions (mm)
W x D x H
500 x 465 x 395
ZIP HydroTap
Filtered Hot+Boiling & Cold+Chilled Water
All in one system - 200/175 Cup
(Non Vented Mixer Tap)
Replaces mixer taps to de-clutter and simplify kitchen design.
For use with all standard commercial hot water systems.
Top mounted drinking water controls for convenience and safety.
Press the red (boiling) or blue (chilled) levers to fill cups or glasses.
Pull levers forward for hands-free measured delivery into larger vessels.
Safety lock, requiring finger-thumb operation, can be activated if required to control boiling water delivery.
Additional electronic boiling water isolation safety feature also provided for “high risk” sites.
Separate lower control lever to dispense hot, cold or mixed warm water.
  • Superior energy saving features
    Power-Pulse™ energy saving technology reduces power consumption by allowing the system to electronically regulate its power during high and low usage periods. This saves energy whilst maintaining the tightest possible temperature control.
  • Programmable 24/7 Timer
    Pre-set the “power on” and “power off” times (once each day) for those periods when the HydroTap will not be used such as overnight or at weekends.
  • Inactivity Sleep Mode
    The boiling system can be pre-set to power down after 2 hours of non-use but will still retain stored “boiling” water at an energy-saving 64ºC. Typical system daily running costs less than 15p with sleep mode active for 10 hours.
  • Low light Sleep Mode
    An integral light detector can be set to automatically activate sleep mode (as above) when room lights are switched off, returning to normal operation when the lighting is switched back on.
  • Hibernation Mode
    When activated allows the entire system to totally power down after 2 hours of non-use.
    Easy reactivation from all four of these modes by pressing the boiling or chilled levers.
  • Superior sub-micron filtration ensures crystal clear, great tasting, healthier water.
    1) Removes suspended impurities smaller than one thousandth of a millimetre.
    2) Removes chlorine plus other tastes and odours.
  • Technical Features
    Open outlet boiling system delivers:
  • Boiling water factory set at 98ºC and adjustable from 68°C – 99°C.
  • Chilled water factory set to deliver between 5ºC – 10ºC.
  • Mixes boiling and cold water to create hot water ar approximately 50°C ( no hot wate service connection required)
  • Fan cooled condenser chilling system using R134A refrigerant.
  • Long life stainless steel tanks.
  • Long reach tap spout swings 120º for convenience.
  • Tap LEDs indicate system status, temperature and need for filter replacement.
  • Base unit display aids set up and provides detailed system information.
  • Optional
    Limescale Areas Filters for Hard Water


Install & Operating Instructions 497kb pdf Specifications 248kb pdf
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HydroTap Filtered Hot+Boiling & Cold+Chilled Water 1 Tap 200/175 Cup